A new release of Michter’s is on the horizon. The 2022 bottling of its 20 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon will be available starting next month, according to an Oct. 18 press release.

The limited-release whiskey is bursting with bold notes of black cherry, molasses, honeysuckle, roasted pecans, and charred oak, according to tasting notes provided by Michter’s. It sits at just over 57 percent ABV and is available in 750-milliliter bottles.

Distribution of the coveted liquid will start in early November 2022. The last edition of Michter’s 20 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon dropped last year.

“It is a tremendous honor to work on Michter’s 20 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon with our master distiller Dan McKee and our incredibly talented team,” Michter’s master of maturation Andrea Wilson states in the release. “We spent a lot of time reviewing the inventory for this special release and are so excited about the complexity of flavor and quality. We strive for a dynamic experience that makes a memorable whiskey moment and this year’s release will not disappoint.”

Older rickhouse barrels — composed of fire-charred American white oak — are given extra supervision throughout the aging process to ensure the whiskey’s quality.

“With the extra attention given to the older barrels, it’s releases like the 20 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon that make me proud of our maturing team and all of their hard work in aging these beautiful whiskeys,” says master distiller Dan McKee.

The 20-year-old bottling will set for a suggested retail price of $1,200.