A Miami Man Invented A Champagne Machine Gun Because Miami

Last year a company in Seattle created a device they called the Chambong — which they designed to get Champagne in your mouth as fast as possible. Classy name, classy device. It was only a matter of time before someone one-upped them, and of course the company to do so is based in Miami. How do you outdo a Champagne bong? By building a Champagne Machine Gun. Paging Mr. 305!

At this point you might be wondering what the heck a Champagne Machine Gun actually is. If you were expecting something resembling a Super Soaker, you’re not even in the ballpark as the image above oh so beautifully illustrates. The ‘gun,’ distributed in the states by nightlife product impresario Jeremy Touitou — the name of his company is King Of Sparklers Party Supplies — is available in Gold, Rose Gold (cough Apple cough) & Chrome. Those sort of touches don’t come cheap — the Champagne Machine Gun will set you back $399 — but fear not, it has not one but three uses:

  • Champagne Showers: 16 to 23 feet spray for 45 seconds.
  • Champagne Service: An original accessory, elegant and exuberant to serve champagne
  • Champagne Display: Beautiful and stylish decoration, to display any magnum of champagne on a bar or dining table, or can be used as a centerpiece

Yes, a suggested use of the Champagne Machine Gun is as a table centerpiece. Perhaps Mr. Touitou is picturing that centerpiece on the tables at Rick Ross’ wedding. Whatever the case, one thing is clear: Chambong bros? You’re officially on notice.

Update: The article originally stated that “King Of Sparklers” invented the Champagne Gun. They are the American distributor of the product.