Step aside, Trump Winery; First Lady wine has hit a store near you– if you’re in Slovenia, that is.

According to Fox, four Slovenian winemakers from a winegrowing area near Sevnica, Melania Trump’s hometown, have created a brand new bottle of red entitled “First Lady” in her honor. The latest bottle of red to hit the Slovenian wine scene, made from the Blaufränkisch grape, went on sale in a local castle and sold out in just three days.

Fox reports that 2,000 more bottles are expected to arrive at the castle’s gift shop; each bottle retails for 27,5 euros (approximately $30 USD) which they deem to be a reasonable price, despite the fact that many other wines from the region retail at about half of that. What should we expect the wine to taste like? Decanter spoke with one of the winemakers, who explained that “It’s not a strong wine, it’s gentle like Melania.”

Apparently the First Lady line also includes “salami made from a rare breed of local pig, chocolates, and even beauty creams.” Yeah, we know…