A nice IPA can pair well with a steak, and lager is a go-to at any barbecue. But what if a beer was created to pair perfectly with mayonnaise — a condiment that’s often either loathed or loved?

Duke’s Mayo teamed up with Champion Brewing to create a beer that will do just that. The Virginia-based brands have crafted a lager inspired by BLTs, all in the name of mayonnaise.

To be clear, there is absolutely no mayo used to make this beer — a fact that’s befuddling some Champion fans. “Every day we get questions like, ‘oh mayonnaise beer, what’s that?’ …. it’s not necessarily that,” Carrie Throckmorton, Champion Brewing marketing director told NBC 29 earlier this week. Instead, the partnership is meant to bring together two local brands.

The brew is aptly named “Family Recipe,” an ode to the century-old recipe still used in every jar of Duke’s Mayo. Family Recipe is a classic Vienna-style lager made from Vienna malt, along with Magnum and Saaz hops with a 5.1 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

Family Beer is a lager created to pair perfectly with mayo.
Champion Brewing and Duke’s Mayonnaise released a collaboration beer inspired by the condiment.

“The spirit of this collaboration truly encapsulates the Duke’s brand — it’s bold, Southern, and a little saucy,” Rebecca Lupesco, Duke’s brand marketing manager stated in a press release. “Champion has perfected the art of beer and food pairings with Family Recipe — sun-ripened, juicy tomatoes, crispy bacon, lots of Duke’s mayo, and a refreshing sipping beer is basically what summertime is made for.”

Family Beer is available starting today, August 20 at Champion’s taproom in Charlottesville. Champion’s culinary team created a menu inspired by Duke’s products in celebration of the launch and dual “Southern heritage.”

It’s uncertain if Family Beer will launch nationally just yet, but for now the brew is offered at Champion locations as well as restaurants and retailers in Virginia and North Carolina.