To celebrate the release of MTN Dew’s newest boozy offering in Nevada, Hard MTN Dew is launching a promotional event of the most bizarre kind. The brand is asking fans to “propose” to a can of Hard MTN Dew, with one winner receiving an actual Las Vegas wedding ceremony to tie the knot.

Through Sept. 8, fans can express their love to the citrusy soda on the “Hard Dew I Do” website for a chance at the Sin City celebration. “All eligible bachelors and bachelorettes will need to express their love and passion for HARD MTN DEW in the form of an epically awesome proposal to be considered,” the brand writes in an emailed press release.

A written confession of love can be posted to the contest’s website, if that sweet, sweet Baja Blast has you in your feels. One winner and a “guest of honor” will receive complimentary airfare, two nights’ hotel stay, a ceremony at The Little Las Vegas Chapel, a reception at a Las Vegas Club, and $1,000 as a “wedding gift.” The brand will also throw in some Hard MTN Dew for good measure.

The best part? A lifelong union to a can of MTN Dew.

MTN Dew states the promotion is a way to recognize those fans who already have major heart eyes for the brand.

“Fans have gone wild for HARD MTN DEW since hitting shelves, so our recent expansion to Las Vegas felt like the perfect opportunity to return the love by proposing to our fans,” senior brand director Erica Taylor states in the release. “We’ve already seen the crazy lengths people will go for HARD MTN DEW, so offering up a legendary wedding in Sin City is our way of saying thanks!”

The promotion follows the select rollout of the spiked soda offering, available in a handful of states nationwide.

The divorce rate in the United States might be nearly 50 percent, but this feels like a bond that’s made to last.