It’s time to start believing in miracles. In the unlikely rescue tale of a stranded man on Lake George in upstate New York, divine intervention seems the only plausible explanation.

Last month, Jimmy Macdonald was kayaking with his family on the lake when he was separated from his wife and kids and tipped over. At first, other boats nearby offered help but Macdonald said no, thinking he could manage and having “too much pride to ask for help” he told Glen Falls Living.

But after about 30 minutes Macdonald realized the shore was too far away to swim to and he soon started to tire from the rough waters. Then, his ill-fitting life vest began slipping over his head.

“I thought I was going to die,” Macdonald told The Drinks Business. “I was absolutely powerless and wished I had asked for help earlier. I was waving my hand and asked God to please help me.”

Credit: Noah Ismael
Credit: Noah Ismael

No sooner had he asked than help arrived. In a barely believable turn of events, Macdonald spotted a floating tiki bar in the distance carrying a boatful of Catholic priests from Washington D.C. The priests, who were on a religious retreat, heard his shouts and helped him aboard the floating bar.

Macdonald, a recovering addict, says none of the priests were enjoying a rum-filled drink onboard but noted, “How funny is it that I’ve been sober for seven years and I get saved by a tiki bar?”