In what is becoming an annual tradition, Ohioan brewery owner Del Hall has begun a beer-only diet for the 46 days of lent — not only for the benefit of his lord and savior, but to raise money for the hospitality industry.

Hall, who began his journey on Feb.17, plans to be loyal to brews and brews only until Apr. 4. In less than a month, he’s lost 22.2 pounds. More importantly, Hall has so-far raised over $3,000 of his $10,000 goal.

The “Real American Beer-o” has created a GoFundMe page where donors can contribute, and businesses located in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky can contact him to receive a cut of the earnings. While 100 percent of the money raised is going to struggling businesses, Hall is benefiting from the experiment in ways money can’t buy: Last time he attempted the diet, his cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure went down, and we can only hope that trend has continued. Apparently, he drinks around four brewskis a day, and typically has his first in mid-afternoon. He’s living the American dream (sans picket fence.)

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