Make The Perfect Cocktail With Illustrated Glasses

Ever decide to make yourself a cocktail and just freestyle it? As in just eye out the ratios and hope for the best, minutes later finding yourself slightly regretful that you didn’t do your due diligence. Well, this doesn’t have to be an issue anymore because Alyson Thomas, a former Asylum Officer for the Department of Homeland Security, has created glasses with correct cocktail ratios illustrated on the outside.

Bloody Mary

Her illustrations are well researched and resultantly accurate, so you can trust her glasses without any hesitation. Thomas has created many different glasses, covering a broad range of cocktails. From complex, nine-ingredient Bloody Marys to simple, two-ingredient mimosa flutes, she has a glass to depict its ratios and let you mix it up with more ease than ever before.


Currently a set of two glasses will cost in between $25 and $35. Although this is slightly pricey for just a glass, it may actually be an economical move in the long run, for you would never need to throw out a poorly made cocktail again. They also look quite charming, which never hurts.