The state of Vermont is home to many cult products, including delicious maple syrup, Whistlepig Rye, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and Magic Hat Brewing Co. beer. A pioneering brewery within the Vermont craft beer scene, Magic Hat has been churning about iconic brews — such as the #9 Not Quite Pale Ale — in Burlington since 1994.

But according to a press release from parent company FIFCO USA, the beloved Vermont brewery is permanently vacating its home state for another one.

As explained by CEO Rich Andrews, Magic Hat is shifting its entire production from Burlington to FIFCO USA’s Genesee Brew House in Rochester, N.Y. The facility, which recently underwent a $50 million upgrade, offers over 9,200 square feet of space and has been used for part of Magic Hat’s production for several years. FIFCO USA says the relocation will be best for Magic Hat’s long term output and success.

While Magic Hat is vacating its Vermont brewery, the location won’t be completely abandoned. Zero Gravity Craft Brewery, another Vermont craft brewer, has agreed to take over the Burlington lease. Having grown its presence in Burlington, the space will give Zero Gravity the chance to increase output and meet a growing demand for its own brews.

Magic Hat currently employs 43 brewing and operations employees in Burlington. Some will be considered for open positions at Zero Gravity, according to the press release, while those who leave FIFCO will receive severance. The deal is expected to close on July 1.