One recent theft in Spain — involving well over 100 bottles of high-quality vino — marked quite a hefty loss for one Michelin-starred establishment. Coque, a Madrid-based restaurant with an extensive underground wine cellar, reported the burglary earlier this week.

A rare selection of 132 bottles were taken from the restaurant’s total inventory of 3,000 bottles, according to El País.

Individuals allegedly accessed the restaurant’s cellars through a closed pharmacy next door to the restaurant. The individuals exited the pharmacy through a window, then entered Coque by breaking a restaurant window to open a back door.

Initial reports estimated the stolen items to be worth at least $146,000, but it’s believed that the total loss is closer to $200,000, according to The Olive Press. As the restaurant is closed on Mondays, the missing inventory wasn’t noticed until Tuesday.

The restaurant holds two Michelin stars and is noted to have a “particularly interesting wine list” by the organization. Only the most prestigious bottles were stolen during the heist, prompting speculation that this was an extremely calculated theft. Individuals responsible for the crime have not yet been identified.