Even Madonna Won't Settle For Mediocre Wine
Photo via Shutterstock

The Queen of Pop will not settle for a mediocre glass of wine. In an interview recently conducted by Harper’s Bazaar, one very fortunate writer had the pleasure of speaking with Madonna in her own home, when a subpar glass of wine was served to the Like a Virgin singer. “Take the mediocre out of here,” was Madonna’s response to the glass of young, 2016 wine. And we couldn’t agree more. Whether you’re a pop star, a writer, a lawyer, or a farmer, we all have one thing in common, and it’s that we don’t have time for wine that doesn’t satisfy us.

“I’ll go broke before I drink bad wine,” the singer told the writer Roxane Gay.

Our sentiments exactly. The story proceeds with a crystal decanter of delectable wine being brought out for the duration of the conversation. While we aren’t told which wine was present in said decanter, we imagine that it was glorious.

Still looking for a 2017 resolution? How about drinking more like a Material Girl? We’re in.