Drinking and driving is an avoidable, dangerous decision. Fortunately, with the wide availability of ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, making the right call has become easier than ever. Ride-sharing services and breweries have been teaming up to promote responsible, safe drinking with discounted rides. However, the latest partnership between Lyft and Baderbrau Brewing in Chicago will mark the first time one of these apps has made their own promotional beer, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Baderbrau and Lyft aren’t brewing a new beer, but instead the team is rebranding the brewery’s South Side Pride lager as Five Star Lager, a reference to the ride-sharing service’s rating system. The back of the 12 ounce beer can will feature a promotional code that drinkers can type into their Lyft app for a discount of up to $5 off a trip.

Lyft has had a partnership with Anheuser-Busch for the past two years, and has collaborated with a couple of craft breweries such as StormBreaker Brewing and Standard Deviant Brewing previously for discounted rides. However, this is the first time Lyft has marketed itself by promoting discounted rides on a beer bearing its name. Lyft and Baderbrau have brewed 1,000 cases of Five Star Lager, and may continue the offer if the promotion works. Lyft may also expand its beer branding and collaborate with other breweries in different cities if the marketing is successful.

Five Star Lager will be released at 5:30pm on January 18th during a party at Baderbrau, and will become available at 10 Chicago bars the following evening. During the next couple of months, Five Star Lager will be distributed to 20 or 30 more bars at a time.