In the most exciting news to come out of the sky this week, Lufthansa announced it will be celebrating Oktoberfest on board with costumes and beer.

Starting tomorrow, the Lufthansa crew will be decked out in dirndl, a traditional garb donned for Oktoberfest, celebrated in mid-September through the first Sunday in October. This year, they’re taking the tradition to new heights by serving draft beer from a “special airworthy barrel” on board, which hasn’t happened “in a long time,” possibly since the 1960s, German news website, Deutsche Welle reports.

The first festive flight will take off from Munich to New York on September 19. Further flights to various European cities will follow, along with flights to Singapore and Shanghai, Deutsche Welle reports.

It shouldn’t be surprising Lufthansa celebrates the annual beer-loving festival, considering it is Germany’s largest airline (and the largest in Europe, when you count its subsidiaries). But sipping on a freshly tapped beer at upwards of 30,000 feet is truly above and beyond. Too bad it’s only available in business class. You’ll have to hire a proxy.