We all know that Americans buy a lot of wine in supermarkets, but just how much might surprise you. Nielsen took a look at the wine purchasing habits across America to capture the staggering amount of wine sold in supermarkets in 2014. The total — and not all states, including some big ones like New York even allow supermarket sales — was $8.6 billion. As Nielsen pointed out in their press release, that’s 42% of all wine sold for “off-premise” consumption.

The not-so-surprising king of supermarket wine sales was California, where shoppers purchased $1.58 billion worth of wine. As the map below shows, Florida, Texas, Ohio, and Virginia round out the top five, though none of them come close to California.

The Top 10 States For Supermarket Wine Sales

Another interesting finding? When shoppers buy wine they also buy more…well, everything:

Not only are supermarkets thriving as wine vendors, they’re enticing bigger basket sales in the process. For example, the average consumer spends $47 per trip to the supermarket when they don’t make a wine purchase. That amount, however, jumps to $75 when the shopper buys wine. Interestingly, the additional $28 isn’t just for vino. In fact, the wine accounts for only about $15. The consumer spends the rest on items that typically pair well with wine, suggesting that selling wine not only diversifies supermarket offerings but goes hand-in-hand with additional sales in the process.

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