The latest iteration of the Little Book series is an ode to James B. Beam master distiller Freddie Noe’s love of grilling.

Little Book Chapter 6: “To the Finish” is the latest annual offering from eighth generation master distiller Noe. The limited release is a blend of five different four- and five-year-old whiskeys, according to an Aug. 24 press release. The rich, toasty expression inspires memories of curing meat and grilling with family, Noe says.

“From generation to generation, the kitchen has always been a place where my family comes together to share traditions, including my dad teaching me to cure meat and working to perfect my grandfather’s sausage recipe. These memories ultimately led to my pursuits around the grill,” Noe states in the release. “My love for cooking and grilling, along with my obvious love of whiskey, has inspired my work in the rackhouse, and you’ll see that poured into Chapter 6.”

Each of the blend’s components begin as the same American single malt whiskey, but are aged separately in various wood barrels. Cherrywood, applewood, hickory, and maplewood add depth and nuance to each individual spirit as they age. They’re then blended with a five-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon, pulling the whiskey together with a touch of sweetness.

The finished product is intended to be an approachable spirit for even the most novice of whiskey sippers — with “a taste bigger than its individual components,” Noe states. It sits at nearly 59 percent ABV.

The 750-milliliter whiskey hit shelves Wednesday, with a suggested price of $124.99. While it’s offered at retailers nationwide, the limited edition spirit is only available in select quantities.