Soccer legend Lionel Messi took to the field last night for just the second time since signing with the U.S.’s Inter Miami, dazzling American fans by clinching a 4-0 victory over Atlanta United and securing the club’s position in the next round of the Leagues Cup. Aside from his display of dominance on the pitch, the iconic Argentine forward delighted spectators with his celebration following the first of his two goals — a subtle, brew-related message for the club’s equally famous co-owner.

Upon receiving a pass from teammate Sergio Busquets, Messi was able to break through Atlanta’s defense, sprinting to the goal before taking a shot. Though he missed on his first attempt, once the ball bounced off the goal post, the World Cup winner was able to easily tap the ball into the net. Following a raucous congratulatory celebration from teammates and making his signature gesture of pointing to the sky, Messi locked eyes with Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham on the sidelines and shot him a “hold my beer” gesture.

The interaction, which appears to be an inside joke between the two iconic footballers, left them both chuckling as the game resumed. While the two have only been tied to the same soccer club for a brief period of time — not to mention the fact that Beckham played for Real Madrid during Messi’s tenure at rival club FC Barcelona — Beckham has spoken kindly of Messi in the past, referring to him as “a friend” and “an amazing person.”