Kentucky has certainly had a lot to celebrate this month and has plenty of booze to do so.

On Wednesday, the Kentucky Distillers’ Association (KDA) tweeted that Kentucky now has more barrels of bourbon and aging spirits than people.

Hard to believe, especially with Kentucky’s last census estimating there are 4.5 million people living in the state.

Last year, Kentucky’s bourbon industry filled more than 2.1 million barrels of bourbon and aged 9.1 million barrels in total, making it the highest inventory since the KDA started keeping records 52 years ago. It also marks the first time since 1967 that Kentucky distillers have filled more than 2 million barrels of bourbon in one year.

“This is a historic day that cements Kentucky’s rightful title as the one, true and authentic home for Bourbon and distilled spirits,” the president of the KDA Eric Gregory told WKYT News. “It’s also further proof of Kentucky Bourbon’s monumental economic impact and ever-increasing demand,” Gregory added.

No prizes for guessing how we’ll be celebrating.