In 2003, all anyone ever wanted to know was what Kelis put in her milkshake to bring all the boys to the yard. Finally, 14 years later, we have an answer.

In a Baileys video released in advance of National Chocolate Milkshake Day (if there was a made up food holiday for Kelis, this is it), the singer, cookbook author, and Le Cordon Bleu trained chef spills her secret. And yeah, it’s better than yours.


  • 3 oz Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur
  • 8 oz Ginger Beer
  • 4 scoops Chocolate Ice Cream
  • 5 pieces Candied Ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
  • Chili Cinnamon Rim
  • Ginger Infused Whipped Cream for Garnish


  • Combine Baileys, ginger beer, chocolate ice cream, candied ginger and cayenne pepper in a blender with a cup of ice. Blend until smooth.
  • Pour mixture into glass with chili-cinnamon-sugar rim (1:1:1).
  • Top with ginger infused whipped cream and a piece of candied ginger.
  • Check the yard.

Cayenne pepper to kick things up a notch and a chili-cinnamon-sugar rim? Yes please.

“Hi my name is Kelis and people always ask what’s in my milkshake,” she says at the start of the video. “Baileys, obviously.”

Milkshakes are not the only thing in Kelis’s life, but if you’re going to be famous for one song, you might as well capitalize on it. Besides, did anyone NOT want to know how Kelis would make a milkshake these past 14 years? Sure, the song might have faded in the collective memory over time. And yeah, it wasn’t about a literal milkshake (Kelis told Blues & Soul that “a milkshake itself represents the essence of a woman”). But an actual, delicious, milkshake recipe? Check. The. Yard.