Pizza and beer are universally beloved. And it turns out, even marsupials agree.

A now-viral TikTok out of Australia shows a kangaroo attempting to snatch a beer from two men eating at a picnic table. The animal is first seen sniffing out the pizza, lunging toward the open box with assumed curiosity. That’s when it spots the beer — and tries to snatch it from one of the diners with very little success.

The short clip, which has racked up over a million views and nearly 65,000 likes, depicts the kangaroo’s antics to the tune of a song about Australia. Media platform PetHelpful first reported on the video, which was filmed in New South Wales.


Just a beer among friends 🇦🇺🦘

♬ National Anthem of STRAYA coachbombaymusic – io non so

Concerned commenters begged the men to share their meal with the friendly guy — with one user stating in no uncertain terms, “GIVE HIM A BEER MATE.” The TikTok account for Hello Fresh, a U.S.-based grocery delivery platform, even chimed in saying, “Let him join! 🥺”

Another user compared the marsupial to “that mate that never puts $ in for the order but then always wants a slice when it comes.”

It’s not quite clear what type of beer the marsupial was reaching for, as the label is covered by a coozie. But judging by the bottle’s green color, it was likely a Heineken, Terra, or Hahn.

The overall consensus, based on the post’s 600-plus commenters, seems to be that the kangaroo should have been included in the fun. While some animals can safely consume beer (and even serve as a medicinal aid for others) the jury is out on whether it’s advisable for this particular furry friend.

As for the thirsty kangaroo in the video? All we can say is that we understand where you’re coming from, mate.