A new product by Jose Cuervo, the world’s largest tequila producer, may be the environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic (and paper) straws we’ve all been hoping for.

Made from the agave plant, the base ingredient for tequila, the straws form one part of Cuervo’s new sustainability initiative, “The Agave Project” — a push from the company to develop plastic alternatives using agave by-products.

Working in partnership with scientists at BioSolutions Mexico and a production team at the Mexico-based PENKA, Jose Cuervo says the straws will be made with leftover agave fibers, of which the company has an abundance.

While the straws will still include some plastic in their composition — leading to a familiar mouthfeel and texture — the tequila brand claims they decompose 200 times faster than regular plastic.

“The past, present, and future of Jose Cuervo is tied directly to the agave plant – without it, we would not exist,” Alex Coronado, the master distiller and head of operations at Jose Cuervo said in a press release. “It takes an average of six years to grow an agave plant before it is mature enough to harvest for tequila production, and we have to be committed to finding more ways to use the agave fibers once that process is complete.”

Expect to see the new straws available in bars, restaurants, and Jose Cuervo events across the U.S. and Mexico beginning in 2020.