Any fan of Hamm’s has to wonder how happy Jon Hamm was when he learned that Minnesota has a beer called “Hamm’s.”

On Jan. 2, the actor reportedly came into the Twin Cities to cheer on his hometown St. Louis Blues face off against the Minnesota Wild in the NHL Winter Classic, a yearly tradition where teams play outside in the open air. Apparently, it was the coldest game ever played in the NHL. Stranded in Minneapolis after missing his flight on Sunday, Hamm ended up at Palmer’s Bar, a classic dive on the University of Minnesota campus.

Bar owner Tony Zaccardi posted a photo of himself with the Mad Men star, posing alongside one of the bar’s many signs advertising Hamm’s beer, a legacy porch pounder known for its very Midwestern way of advertising (each can is promisingly inscribed with: “The Beer. Refreshing.”)

According to passersby, Hamm passed up his beer twin for a different local brew, Duluth’s Bent Paddle Venture Pils. His enthusiasm for his family name (no relation to the brewery) was hard to hide.

As reported by the Star Tribune, Hamm was in great spirits and had visited several other iconic Minneapolis watering holes before leaving including Dusty’s and the Bryant Lake Bowl before leaving the city, giving the impression of being “fun, personable and generous.”

“We will always love our Minnesota sports teams here at Dusty’s, but there’s one Blues fan that’s always welcome back,” the bar posted on Facebook on Sunday.

Good to know that Minnesota Nice even works on Don Draper.