In its latest drop, Johnnie Walker is asking collectors, “How lucky are you feeling today?”

The Scotch brand will release 75 special Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Dundas bottles, as part of the Master Set, exclusively on . The installation marks the Blue Label Ghost and Rare series’ fifth annual drop. Sets will be available for a whopping $775 beginning Sept. 9, according to a Sept. 1 press release.

The expression includes a blend of Port Dundas and two other “ghost” whiskies, a term used to describe extremely rare Scotch, from the distilleries in Cambus and Brora. These three ultra-rare whiskies are combined with five others from Cameronbridge, Glenkinchie, Clynelish, Dailuaine and Auchroisk. The combination results in a well-rounded and creamy final product, the brand writes.

Wood, vanilla, and soft smoke notes are abundant in this year’s release. The prominence of Port Dundas whisky in the blend pays homage to the Glasgow icon.

“Port Dundas was, in its day, one of the finest Grain Whisky distilleries in the world and the rare expressions that we have chosen from our reserves are some of the most distinctive it has ever produced. Their slow maturation allows the sweet and delicate grain character to blossom,” master blender Emma Walker states in the release. “These rare whiskies highlight the distillery character of Port Dundas, perfectly showcasing the wonderful depth of flavor that this grain whisky brings to Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Its incredible character inspired us to create something truly extraordinary that pays proper tribute to the whisky makers of this storied Glasgow distillery.”

Collectors can try their hand at buying a set on — a site that claims to be the world’s first direct to consumer NFT marketplace for luxury wine and spirits. The Blue Label Ghost bottles are also individually signed by master distiller Emma Walker.

Johnnie Walker and BlockBar are also teaming up with Web3 consultancy Vayner3 to create an NFT version of the Blue Label Ghost Bottle that will be included in the set. Collectors will also receive a digital art piece and virtual “storytelling experience.”

Standard bottles of the annual release — without the signature or digital components — will be released nationwide in October.

For enthusiasts with nearly $800 to spare, this is a Scotch drop like none other.