This hiccup on the green sounds like a happy accident to us.

American professional golfer Joe Dahmen accidentally hit spectator Caleb McGuire with a stray ball at the 2023 PGA Championship on Wednesday in Rochester, N.Y. According to a May 17 tweet by McGuire, Dahmen’s ball flew into the crowd after a tee shot on the first hole and struck McGuire in the leg.

Luckily, the rogue ball didn’t cause any real harm. Instead of simply apologizing, Dahmen asked the fan how much a beer would cost at the club, to which McGuire replied that beers were “$17 a pop.” To make amends for the incident, Dahmen handed McGuire a $100 bill to cover his beer tab for the rest of the day. The tweet — which went viral among online golfing groups — has amassed 1.6 million views on Twitter.

Later that day, Dahmen retweeted McGuire’s post with a reply: “Sorry about that! Hope you enjoyed the beers.” Twitter users shared their approval of the gesture in the replies, with many expressing that Dahmen’s generous attitude with fans is part of what makes him a spectator favorite.

The 2023 PGA Championship, held at the Oak Hill Country Club, runs from May 15 to 21.t