The James B. Beam Distilling Co. celebrated over two centuries of premium distilling this week with the grand re-opening of their entirely revamped distillery homestead and visitor experience, as well as by announcing their Eighth Generation Master Distiller: Feddie Noe.

Founded in 1975, James B. Beam Distilling Co., better known as Jim Beam, has been operated by one family for seven,now eight, generations. The announcement of a new Master Distiller was made by seventh generation master distiller Fred B. Noe, appointing his son Freddie as the eighth generation master distiller. This is the first time in Jim Beam’s history that two Master Distillers will work side-by-side at the bourbon whiskey’s homestead in Clermont, Kentucky.

The announcement was given in an emotional toast celebrating the whiskey company and the importance of the familial bonds behind the distillation of Jim Beam Whiskey. “One of my biggest regrets is to never have distilled alongside my own father, Booker, so working side-by-side with Freddie will be a dream come true,” said Fred B. Noe. “I believe that a Master Distiller should understand the craft of distilling, uphold quality, and honor tradition while spearheading innovation.” He believes his son Freddie will be able to juggle this balance with grace, stating that there is “nothing in this world that would give me more pleasure and make me prouder than seeing Freddie step into the role of Master Distiller.”

In 2019, Freddie Noe honored his father, Fred, with the announcement of a new distillery dedicated to him, The Fred B. Noe Distillery on the Jim Beam homestead.

Now, Freddie, who was referred to as “Little Book” often by his grandfather, Booker, will continue the family tradition of distilling premium spirits, like Little Book® and Bookers®, created by his grandfather in that very distillery. Additionally, as Master Distiller Freddie will have the opportunity to experiment with techniques involved in the fermentation, distillation, and blending processes to create his own high-quality whiskey and bourbon.

The celebratory event also included details surrounding the newly revamped Jim Beam homestead campus, and new restaurant The Kitchen Table. The updated homestead is meant to bring to life the story behind the first family of bourbon and offers behind the scenes looks at Jim Beam brands, a new tasting room, and Barreled & Boxed, a subscription service that allows whiskey lovers to have new releases delivered straight to their door.