Sales of hard seltzers have skyrocketed this year, so it was only a matter of time before the beverage found its way onto your next flight.

Announced in an email press release on Thursday, Truly Hard Seltzer and JetBlue have partnered to make Truly Wild Berry the very first hard seltzer available at 35,000 feet. According to the release, this makes JetBlue the first and only commercial airline to serve the beverage in-flight.

First offered in 2016, Truly Hard Seltzer has become one of the leading brands in the hard seltzer category. Thursday’s announcement follows a push from the company to reformulate its original flavors, offering an updated “crisp, clean, refreshing” taste.

Commenting in the press release, Mariya Stoyanova, director of product development at JetBlue said, “We are constantly listening to our customers and diversifying our inflight offerings to make sure we’re making the products they love on the ground available to them in the skies.”

“Bringing Truly Hard Seltzer on board is another fun way to deliver on our promise of providing a preferred customer experience with our partners at The Boston Beer Company,” she added.

With JetBlue flights debuting the offering this month, hard seltzer and peanuts might just become your new favorite pairing.