Imagine celebrating the holidays with over 100 bottles of Jameson. This year, seven lucky people will — though they needn’t worry about a hangover.

On Wednesday, Jameson announced a plan to award seven, nine-feet-tall “Whiskey Trees” to fans around the country. In a press release, the brand claimed each tree will shine “brighter than a yule log fire” thanks to a lighting system that’s wrapped around the 130 (empty!) bottles of Irish whiskey.

The company felt inspired by the pressures of this holiday season, which promises to unfold like no other. “[I]f there were ever a year where the holiday season needs that bold, John Jameson spirit, it’s this one,” Jameson said in the press release.

Each tree is valued at an estimated $5,000, and winners will also receive a $45 gift card for a bottle of Jameson Black Barrel — so it’s not an entirely dry prize. Whiskey fans have until Nov. 20 to apply online and can enter by sharing a brief summary on why their home is deserving of a Jameson Tree.

Given the way 2020 has gone so far, most contestants should have no shortage of inspiration to call on.