You can now own a bit of Jameson Irish whiskey history for yourself. A wood-paneled Jameson vending machine from 1971 is on sale for €795.

For 30 pence (there’s worldwide shipping, but you’ll have to import some old Irish 10 pence coins, too), the Jameson vending machine will dispense 1/3 gill (around 1.5 fluid ounces) of Jameson. A whiskey vending machine is extremely exciting for a certain subset of dram lovers. Or, in the words of Rare Irish Stuff, the website selling the vending machine, it’s “the single greatest party trick ever invented by our restless and entrepreneurial species!”

It’s easy to use. Simply insert your 30 pence, place your glass in the lit up spot, turn the key, and enjoy your tipple. Time to start clearing out some space. It’s two feet tall, a foot wide, and a foot deep — or about the size of a mini fridge. Don’t have room? Well, do you really need that extra beer fridge in your man cave? Just look at the thing in action.

Here’s everything you need to know about the vending machine Rare Irish Stuff is selling:

“This one is dead stock and came in its original packaging. It has a light oak finish and comes complete with its keys. Having spent the last 46 years in its box the internal mechanics will need someone to recondition to working order if desired. The machine accepts 1960’s – 1980’s Irish 10p coins which are easily found on eBay.”

Time to check out the listing, start stocking up on your old Irish 10 pence coins, and clear out some room.