Execs at Jameson Irish Whiskey certainly aren’t complaining about sales this year.

The Pernod Ricard-owned company enjoyed its best year on record, achieving its internal goal of $10 million cases sold worldwide.

Jameson recently announced the news in a recent earnings call, with the global brand wrapping up the 2021/2022 financial year at the end of June. This is the first year on record that Jameson reported surpassing its goal, according to a Sept. 1 article by The Irish Post. The brand completed the fiscal year with a sales total of 10.4 million cases, compared to a mere 8.4 million cases the previous year.

Changing tastes throughout the Covid-19 pandemic might be a contributing factor in Jameson’s recent success.

Among American consumers, Irish whiskey enjoyed favorable growth with the sale of some 5.9 million cases during the last fiscal year. Jameson was responsible for 70 percent of those sales.

Looking forward to the upcoming year, marketing director Brendan Buckley told the Spirits Business that Jameson is setting its sights on even more ambitious goals. By 2030, the whiskey brand intends to sell 15 million cases annually.

This news comes just five days after the Irish whiskey brand launched a pop-up event in New York City. The Jameson Distillery on Tour traveled from Dublin to the East Coast city in August to share an interactive experience with visitors. The whiskey exhibit is open to the public at the Hudson Yards location until Sept. 7.

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