Around the country, social-distancing shoppers are stocking up on essentials (read: alcohol). Not everyone has decided to buy their booze, however. Earlier this week, a tractor-trailer loaded with Jack Daniels was stolen in Georgia.

While daring heists might be the stuff of movies, in this case, the theft was far more routine. As reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, on Saturday, March 28, the shipment of whiskey arrived at the ITS ConGlobal trailer yard outside of Atlanta via a Tennessee-based trucking company. On April 1, the truck was reported stolen.

Investigating police officers discovered that the tractor-trailer had been checked out of the yard as usual, and its driver, who was not asked for ID, “did not appear to be suspicious in any kind of way,” according to an ITS employee.

Surveillance footage showed two unidentified vehicles — a Chevrolet Tahoe and a white van — were parked near the tractor-trailer. Shortly after it left the yard, the van followed it out.

The stolen trailer was found abandoned in neighboring DeKalb County on April 2. Most of its cargo was missing, according to Atlanta police officer Steve Avery. It is currently unknown how many bottles were stolen.

The thief (or thieves) are still at large, presumably toasting a successful heist with the stolen whiskey.