Hundreds of Jack Daniel’s bottles spilled onto a North Carolina highway Monday night, following a tractor-trailer that overturned near an exit ramp.

The large truck overturned on interstate I-40 near Greensboro, N.C. late on Feb. 6, according to local news network WXII12. A photo, captured by a North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) traffic camera overlooking the highway, displayed a massive pile of Jack Daniel’s whiskey bottles and cardboard boxes covering the interstate and nearby grassy area.

A video from WXII12 shows the crash scene:

Greensboro is a fairly large metropolitan area located in north-central North Carolina. It’s a major distribution hub for wholesalers and is in close proximity to two large U.S. highways, according to Britannica. The spill happened on a stretch of the highway north of Randleman Road.

The initial report doesn’t include a cause of the crash, but it does mention that it occurred near exit ramp 219. This area of the interstate, including the exit ramp, was significantly blocked all of Monday night and into the following morning.

While the crash was reported late on Feb. 6, it took nearly 10 hours for the vehicle to be removed from I-40. Drivers were asked to consider a different route and advised to avoid the exit ramp completely.

A representative for NCDOT estimates that the whiskey spill was completely cleaned by 9 a.m. that Tuesday, according to CBS17. Minor injuries and traffic delays were reported in the one-vehicle crash. The driver did not sustain any major injuries.

Our hearts go out to Teneessee whiskey fans — it’s difficult to see all those bottles of Jack go to waste.