Jack Daniel’s may always be synonymous with whiskey, but now its parent company Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands (BBFB) has added cider to the iconic brand.

The 5.5 percent ABV cider is made from a blended apple spirits base. Beginning May 1, it will be available in the United Kingdom before it becomes available in any other market and before its official global launch. It’ll cost 4 pounds and 80 cents, or about $6.

Charlotte Ashburner, head of marketing at BBFB says the new drink will help satisfy the “great appetite” for cider in the UK. “We are increasingly seeing drink brands outside of the cider category experiment with the traditional boundaries of cider, triggering consumers to think differently about how they drink it,” she says, according to Harpers. Ashburner adds that the launch gives people a new way to enjoy the original Jack Daniel’s whiskey. The new product is said to be as “bold” as the original Jack whiskey, but also refreshing and easy to drink like cider should be.

BBFB initially introduced the concept of a Jack Daniel’s cider last year, at the same time as a 10 percent ABV Jack Daniel’s American Serve RTD (ready-to-drink), which is available in Australia. And like Ashburner says, Jack Daniel’s isn’t the only non-cider brand to branch out into cider. In June, Diageo released two types of Smirnoff Cider, blending fruit flavors, Smirnoff vodka, and of course carbonated cider.

With summer on the way, these ciders could be the perfect refreshment on a warm day.