Ireland is famous for its pubs. Travelers come far and wide to pull up a stool next to locals, grab a proper pint of Guinness, and watch the time go by. But now, you can skip all the process of finding a pub and just rent one out yourself.

In Aglish, Tipperary, a bar called Conroy’s Old Bar is offering the location up on Airbnb. It’s being billed as “Ireland’s first self-catering pub,” and according to Irish Central, it’s run by hosts Erron and Dave in a unique way.

The pub is for more than just drinking. There’s a living room, two bedrooms, and, of course, a full bar. For the kids, there’s the World of Fairies Workshop next door. And it’s all yours for just over $100 a night.

For the true Irish pub experience, you should probably find a real Irish pub. But for the novelty of it, a pub on Airbnb sounds like a hell of a trip. Find the Airbnb listing here.