A famous country song once said: “Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey.” The state of Iowa certainly makes a lot of corn (it produces about 2.5 billion bushels every year). Now, it will be making whiskey — or at least drinking whiskey to-go — much easier under state law.

On Monday, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill permanently allowing bars to sell cocktails and alcohol for takeout and delivery. Several states have made similar temporary allowances during the coronavirus pandemic, but Iowa is the first to write the provision into law.

Those selling to-go beverages still have to hold the proper liquor license and must ensure to-go containers are properly sealed.

Dale Szyndrowski, vice president of state government relations at the Distilled Spirits Councils of the United States, praised the move in a press release. “Making cocktails to-go permanent provides a much-needed source of stability and revenue for local bars, restaurants, and distilleries as they begin to recover,” he said.

Effective immediately, the law comes just in time for the Fourth of July. The upcoming holiday weekend will surely provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy boozy beverages to-go.