A hilarious segment from the most recent episode of “Late Night With Seth Meyers” has found the host an unlikely drinking buddy in Food Network legend Ina Garten.

The pair met at New York City’s Corner Bistro to film the drinking session, which the late-night-host described as: “a refined afternoon of good conversation and some libations.”

Meyers set a quick pace from the get-go, finishing nearly half his first cocktail (a Pimm’s cup) in one sip. Garten, meanwhile, approached her drink at a much steadier pace.

The pair then jumped behind the bar to whip up their own versions of a range of cocktails from the Barefoot Contessa’s cookbooks. Meyers continued to drink much faster than Garten, and took a lax approach to cocktail making, “eyeballing” ingredients and drinking copious amounts along the way.

For the full hilarity, including the pair tasting fast food restaurant dips alongside Garten’s own versions, and a “match the celebrity to their bare feet” challenge, view the video below.