While you might drink a lot of bourbon and believe that equates to you being an expert, the professors at Midway University respectfully disagree, especially if you plan to work in hospitality and tourism in the great state of Kentucky. To remedy this issue, the university has created an MBA in Kentucky hospitality that is unofficially being referred to as an MBA in bourbon, since, after all, the brown liquid gold is one of the primary drivers of the state’s tourism industry.

According to Midway’s official course listing:

This degree program combines Midway’s strong business program and special courses in Bourbon history, destination branding, tourism, and event planning.

If you’re a bourbon fanatic, it sounds like a pretty amazing degree to be “studying” for. We’d love if we could have claimed that drinking bourbon was homework when we were in college. Here’s a bit more about the program:

Each student in the Tourism and Event Management concentration will complete courses in destination branding, tourism industry analytics and a Bourbon capstone experience. Student then select from among six courses to complete their concentration in subjects such as service marketing, equine tourism, history and evolution of Bourbon, Kentucky Bourbon tourism and distilleries, Bourbon hospitality and a study abroad course around Scotland’s Malt Whisky Trail. The Bourbon Studies courses are a unique offering and unlike any other program to truly help students learn the rich history and culture created around Kentucky Bourbon.

And if you’d like to take the course, but you can’t relocate to Kentucky, have no fear, much of it is offered online. You just have to be present on campus to take the field trips to the local distilleries, but why would you ever want to miss that.

So if this sounds like a career for you, go ahead and apply now. There’s just one catch, you better make sure you’ll be 21 before beginning your studies.