Hooters, the restaurant chain known for its wings and, moreso, scant server uniforms, is reaching beyond the restaurant business to release its own line of spirits.

Hooters Spirits will include eight different labels: Hooters Gin; Vodka; Light Rum; Dark Rum; Tequila Silver; Tequila Gold; American Whiskey; and Heat Cinnamon Whiskey.

The spirits will be produced by a private label, United Spirits, Inc., and will be available at Hooters as well as retail locations this fall, Food & Wine reports.

Hooters closed 7 percent of its restaurants between 2012 and 2016, chalking up its scaling back to millennials’ lack of interest in “breastaurants.” Others blame the outdated restaurant concept, which hasn’t changed much since the 1980s.

Is the Hooters Spirits line, then, an attempt to reach consumers beyond those attracted by wings and waitresses with plunging necklines? Perhaps. In July 2019, the company also announced plans to open two more locations of its family-friendly spin-off, Hoots.