Bar crawls are normally limited to where you can get to on foot, which means missing out on a lot of places. But there’s a new way to take an epic, one night pub crawl across the world’s largest island, and it involves five Queensland pubs and an Australian helicopter trip.

A company called Pterodactyl Helicopters is giving well off bar hoppers the chance to fly into drinking locations and have a pint. It’ll just cost you around $1,000. And you thought taking an Uber to the bar across town was too expensive and too far for a bar crawl. This sounds way more fun though, judging by the pictures and captions Pterodactyl Helicopters puts on their Facebook page.

“Then a couple of mates doing the chopper pub crawl,” one picture caption reads. “2 blokes, 5 pubs one chopper what a huge fun day.”

The flying crawl is seven hours long and begins at 8:30 a.m., Bloomberg reports. Fun Captain Mike Jarvis will chopper down and pick you up at your home or hotel, then whisk you 5,000 feet into the air and head toward Scenic Rim Region. You and two of your most loyal mates can admire the natural beauty of the land. Or you can focus on drinking from the region’s best microbrews that have room for a chopper landing.

“We’re all about customization,” Jarvis told Bloomberg. “So if there is something of importance for you to experience and learn about—we’ll make your priority our priority.”

Just don’t ask anyone to slip you a Fosters.