You know that summertime feeling. There’s hamburgers on the grill, a breezy Spotify playlist on queue and a nice, cool breeze. After a long week at work, it’s the perfect time to kick back with a cold, refreshing hot dog water.

Say, what?!

As the U.S. gears up for all those summertime backyard celebrations, there’s a new seltzer that might turn heads at the next BBQ. Hot dog flavored seltzer and BBQ sauce beer are the two of the latest creations available from Martin House Brewing Company in Fort Worth, Tex.

Bun Length, marketed to taste just like the water from boiled hot dogs, is set to drop during a festival in mid-July. Polarizing, yes. But tasty? We have yet to see.

Brewing marketing manager Shugg Cole tells the Dallas Morning News that the conconcotion is essentially a “boozy hot dog.” The seltzer is, authentically, created from the water leftover from boiling 52 pounds of hot dogs. No artificial hot dog flavors here, folks.

The Texas-based brewer Martin House is known for its many zany creations. From a mustard pickle beer to pizza-flavored brew, Martin House doesn’t shy away from exploring the wacky side of alcohol.

This news leaves us with more questions than answers. Who is cracking open a hot dog seltzer? How does carbonation work with the hot dog flavor? Wait, it’s not vegetarian then, right?

If you’re one of the lucky few whose taste buds crave a hot dog seltzer, but don’t want to face the endless questions, here’s our top picks for beer koozies.