In a beverage market that’s already seen its fair share of unique hard seltzer flavors, one Cincinnati-based brewer is hoping to stand out in the crowd with a line of mystery-flavored malt beverages.

Brewery Urban Artifact will launch its Trick or Treat Hard Seltzer pack on Aug. 15, Ohio magazine CityBeat reports. Keeping in line with the brand’s spooky Halloween packaging, each six pack of seltzers will feature two “trick” flavors and four “treats.”

While Urban Artifact won’t share the specific flavors just yet, the brewery teases several potentials in its launch announcement, including zany variations on blue raspberry, toothpaste, chocolate, and fresh-cut grass.

Cryptid icons from spooky tales — such as ghosts and chupacabras — will also grace the box, celebrating the autumnal holiday nearly three months early.

Bret Kollmann Baker, chief of brewing operations, told CityBeat in a press release that the seltzer is perfect for “[sitting] at home, getting weird with your friends.”

Urban Artifact is a Cincinnati-based brewer known for its Fruit Tarts brews, infused with real fruit. Located in the historic St. Patrick Church, its brewery location is complete with a taproom, bar, and special event spaces. The Trick or Treat seltzer will be available on-site at Urban Artifact starting in mid-August, as well in retail locations including Kroger and Meijer.

According to its website, the brand intends to “reward the curious.” If that’s any clue as to how the seltzers might taste, we’d guess drinkers will be pleasantly surprised by the “treats.”