The consumer electronics show that’s currently happening in Las Vegas is one of the best places to see the next big things in tech, and Haier was there to make sure wine had its fair share of interesting, if not also questionably necessary, gadgets represented.

Known for making all sorts of consumer electronics, including wine cellars, the Chinese company announced a new innovation they say is perfect for a picnic or saving space in your home or office, a one bottle wine cellar, that’s portable. The cellar is apparently five times faster at cooling bottles than other cellars – we wonder if they also just tried an ice bath – with their claim being that the time it takes to chill a bottle is equal to the time it takes to finish a bottle of wine, which is why they say only having the ability to chill one bottle at a time isn’t an issue, while you’re drinking one bottle, you just pop in another and it’s ready to go when you are. It’s too bad the engineers at Haier never hung out with us, we finish our bottles as soon as we open them, which makes their claim a bit dubious. The ability to only keep one bottle cool at a time also means you wouldn’t use this “cellar” to actually age a bottle over any length of time, unless of course there was just one special bottle out of them all that you wanted to age. Time capsule anyone?

The look of the gadget is sort of like a space-age cocktail shaker – which makes sense for our time capsule idea- and we have no clue how heavy it is, but it’s definitely a conversation starter. We can see most conversations starting with “what the hell did you buy…”

Haier also claims that the portable cellar will continue to cool bottles for 10 hours before needing a charge, which we guess is nice if you plan on heading on an all day hike, and want that perfect bottle of cool white wine ready for you at the top of the mountain. This also means you don’t mind carrying not only a heavy bottle but also what is most likely a heavy gadget on your back. Is that why people have dogs?

But wait, there’s more! Even though the cellar is portable, one of the cooler aspects of this little gadget, Haier says, is that it is wifi enabled. Here’s what they told Reviewed.com who first reported on the cellar:

The Mini Wine Cellar is WiFi-enabled, and controlled through an app on your mobile device. According to the manufacturer, this app will come with an Auto Temperature Control function that pinpoints ideal storage conditions based on your choice of wine.

So if you didn’t know exactly the correct temperature to chill the bottle, now an app will tell you, but we wonder why you wouldn’t just look that up on your phone via the internet…oh well.