Like the Babadook became a gay icon, furry Flyers mascot Gritty has evolved beyond his original script. The hockey mascot’s monstrous image has been adopted by the anti-Trump Resistance, joined Communist parades, and become an internet pet. Gritty’s next gig? Beer.

On Monday, South Philadelphia-based Brewery ARS announced the release of Gritty Gruel, a Gritty-inspired stout that will launch at the brewery’s tasting room on Thursday. The pastry-stuffed stout’s ingredients — donuts, coffee, and lactose — while eyebrow-raising, take a back seat to its outer shell, the unsettling visage of Gritty.

The ingredients were inspired by Gritty’s alarmed expression, Brewery ARS co-founder Sean Arsenault told “[Gritty] looks like he/she is hopped up on something,” he said, referring to the character’s bulging eyes. As for the beer, the brewery created the homage for Philly’s hockey fans. “In all honesty, we have so many fans swing by the brewery before and after games that we are really doing it for them,” he said.

In true Philly pride, the pastries include Federal Donuts’ cinnamon brown sugar and cookies and cream creations, and Rival Bros Coffee’s Revolver and Ethiopian roasts.

Does it taste good? Probably. But for at least one enthusiastic fan, it doesn’t matter: Self-described skincare and beauty devotee @stewie_9906 wrote to photographer and artist @kevinquinnart on Instagram, “I don’t think either one of us would like this beer, but I would 200% decorate with the can!”

Gritty is only getting stronger.