A very mature brew will soon be available to collectors celebrating King Charles’ coronation.

Cases of a historic “Coronation Ale” will hit auction next month, according to CNN. Workers discovered cases of the dusty ale in the extensive cellars at Greene King brewery during renovations in 2011. It’s located in Bury St Edmunds, Britain.

Bottles of old, dusty beer on a shelf
Credit: Greene King Brewery

Coronation Ale was intended to celebrate Edward VIII’s planned January 1936 coronation following his father’s death. In honor of the event, Greene King, founded in 1799, created the 12 percent ABV ale. But when Edward VIII forfeited the crown after marrying American socialite Wallis Simpson and the coronation was canceled, the ale was tucked away in the brewery’s cellars for three-quarters of a century.

The ale contains English hops and barley, which contribute to a “rich fruity flavor,” as the brewery says in a press release. For those seeking a more modern flavor, the brewery also offers a 2023 release of its Coronation Ale.

“We’ve been brewing beer for over 200 years and creating special brews such as the 1937 and the 2023 coronation ales, [which] means we can capture moments in history to share with generations further down the line,” Greene King head brewer Jack Palmer says in the release.

The brewery doesn’t divulge exactly how many bottles of the 1936 ale are available, but CNN shares that several cases will be available at auction on May 5, the day of the coronation. Proceeds will benefit The Prince’s Trust, a nonprofit created by King Charles III to support marginalized youth.