The annual Grammy Awards celebrate the biggest names in music today. This year’s ceremony took place on Sunday, Feb. 5 and included more than a few booze-filled moments that got the internet talking.

Throughout the night, celebrities indulged in both the venue’s drinks and their own. Several stars opted for their personal alcohol stashes in addition to the ceremony’s open bar, including Lizzo, who was seen sipping from her personal flask:

Jay-Z was far less covert, bringing two full-sized bottles to sip during the program, both of which were from his own brands. He was photographed at the ceremony with a magnum of his “Ace of Spades” Champagne as well as a smaller bottle of D’USSÉ Cognac.

We know that Ben Affleck loves Dunkin’ coffee — that image of him haphazardly picking up the delivery order from his doorstep is burned into our brains. Online, viewers quipped that he showed more enthusiasm for the coffee chain than the nominees:

No one in the crowd appeared as “lit” as Taylor Swift, though, who was seen at one point carrying a drink in each hand. Tipsy dancing to Bad Bunny’s performance while double-fisting? Absolutely. Making silly faces at the camera? You bet. Generally enjoying herself and dancing along to the live music? We’d expect nothing less from this pop queen.

Apparently, “drunk Taylor” was also trending on Twitter, according to the Independent.

Even underaged celebrities joined the fun (minus the booze, of course). “Driver’s License” singer Olivia Rodrigo was pictured sipping Fiji water with a straw on the red carpet. Whether drinking or not, it’s always important to stay hydrated:

The nominees’ swag bags also contained bottles of Frontera Wines Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile, according to NBC. Other gifts included Swarovski flip-flops, a liposuction voucher, a luxe shower head, and more.