Alcohol Spiked Popcorn From England

Wine-infused ice cream is a delicious boozy snack, but in the depths of winter, frozen treats aren’t always appealing. Fortunately we’ve found a delicious alternative: Alcohol-spiked popcorn. Yes, you read that correctly! Cocktail flavored popcorns are the latest creation from Joe & Seph’s, an artisan popcorn brand based in Watford, England. Joe & Seph’s offer four alcohol-infused flavors:

· Crisp Gin & Tonic

· Refreshing Mojito

· Zippy Margarita

· Fruity Cosmopolitan

How do you make boozy popcorn? We were wondering ourselves. This is how Joe & Seph’s work their magic:

Central to the unique Joe & Seph’s experience is its innovative, Willy Wonka style “flavour-sequencing” technique, which unlocks different taste elements, one after the other with every crunch. The alcoholic range gives food lovers the opportunity to enjoy the subtle balance of flavours in each of these classic cocktails in a single bite.

Here are the official tasting notes:

Gin & TonicA blend of the finest London Gin with a crisp tonic. Enjoy the sweet tonic followed by the citrus and juniper notes of the Gin.

MojitoThis refreshing blend of lime and garden mint is infused with 5% Rum, perfect for a summer’s day.

Margarita – A Latin classic, smooth caramel infused with lime oil and salt gives a zingy taste followed by the enjoyable tang of the Tequila.

Cosmopolitan – Enjoy the citrus blend of oranges, cranberry and lime, followed by the taste of Triple Sec and Vodka.

While you can’t find the popcorn on the shelves of any American supermarket, Joe & Seph’s will ship you popcorn if you order from their website.

Watching movies at home is never going to be the same again.