We live in the age of the emoji, arguably millennials’ greatest societal contribution. A picture is worth a thousand words — and that’s what has many Android users up in arms about Google’s latest emoji faux pas. It all started with a cheeseburger emoji that featured cheese on the bottom. (Who has ever put a slice of cheese beneath a single patty?)

Now Google faces another emoji crisis. Its beer emoji features a half-empty mug with a superfluous amount of foam on top. This sends another confusing message. Doesn’t Google think we deserve full glasses of beer? What bartender has ever filled half of a glass and left foam on top? What kind of foam is even capable of floating on top of a half empty glass? The emoji was probably an innocent mistake. That doesn’t mean users are any less upset.

Fortunately, Google has now replaced the half mug emoji and with a full mug of frothy beer. Now you can ask a friend out for a drink, or illustrate your excitement for the night’s festivities without putting anybody off with a half drunk, weirdly foamy mug.

These updated emojis won’t be available until Google releases the Android 8.1 at the end of the year. Until then, just take deep breaths and remember that everyone makes mistakes, even Google.