Tired of having to wash glasses after a long night of drinking cocktails? Now you can skip the dishwasher and just pop a whisky cocktail into your mouth with The Glenlivet’s new edible cocktail pods.

Or maybe not.

Last week the famed Scottish distillery unveiled three whisky capsules meant to be popped into your mouth for an “instant burst of flavor,” according to an email press release. The capsules contain almost an ounce of whisky cocktail and come in three flavors: citrus, wood, and spice.

The company announced the release on Wednesday with this tweet: “No ice. No stirrer. We’re redefining how whisky can be enjoyed.” What followed was a slew of confusion and disbelief from fans.

Today, the company posted a follow-up tweet, attempting to clear up any confusion surrounding the product: “It seems our cocktail Capsule Collection has caused a bit of a stir – we wanted to reassure you The Glenlivet is committed to producing safe, responsible & delicious products for adults. Our seaweed capsules are a limited London Cocktail Week release & are not available elsewhere.”