For many people, getting up to grab a drink from the kitchen can provide a welcome respite from the stresses of entertaining guests during the holidays. But one train enthusiast from the United Kingdom has cut out the proverbial middle-man and rigged a toy train to deliver holiday spirits — and by that we mean actual spirits.

According to Time, transit historian and model train enthusiast Tim Dunn modified a model train to deliver drinks from his kitchen to his couch. The train runs on a 40-foot track and delivers gin and tonics on a two-minute timer – it’s even decorated with festive Christmas lights.

Dunn told Huffington Post UK that he created the setup for a Christmas party and it was an immediate hit with his guests.

“Model trains can often be a solitary pursuit – but I tend to have more fun when I’m sharing my railway-related hobbies with friends,” Dunn said.

“My boyfriend and I had a Christmas drinks party this weekend – so last week I dug out a whole load of my old garden railway model trains and track, bought a special timer unit so that it would shuttle end-to-end every two minutes, and set it up on the floor.”

Dunn went on to explain that this isn’t the first time he’s used model trains to deliver libations. He told Huffington Post UK that he also set up a train to deliver vodka shots during a party for the Eurovision Song Contest. “All the best trains have a bar car,” Dunn added.

We can’t disagree with him on that.