Hendrick’s Gin, a brand known for its refreshing notes of cucumber, is taking its love for the vegetable to the next level.

In partnership with Farmer Jones Farm at the Chef’s Garden, the spirits company is offering an exclusive box of some of the world’s rarest cucumbers. The Curious Cucumber Collection includes six curated varieties of the veggie, according to a Sept. 7 press release.

The limited-edition batch of “peculiar” vegetables came to fruition through a collaboration between Hendrick’s Gin, The Chef’s Garden vegetable farm, and organic MX Morningstar Farm in upstate New York. The gin brand states that these unique cucumbers share a common thread with its standout spirit.

Credit: Hendrick’s Gin

“You could say I have a healthy obsession with cucumbers, they truly are quite fascinating fruits,” Hendrick’s master distiller Lesley Gracie states in the release. “When we were first developing Hendrick’s, experimenting with cucumbers and figuring out how to get that curious cooling sensation into a gin was a big moment in my career. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing so many diverse and wonderful varieties of cucumber in different parts of the world. The chance to cultivate some of the more peculiar styles on the brink of extinction has been an extremely fun and welcomed challenge.”

Seeds for the limited-edition kit were sourced from around the globe and cultivated in North American and European greenhouses. The six rare cucumber species include a watermelon-like American cucamelon; bright orange and green spiked African Horned; a tart Hmong Red grown in the mountains of Northern Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar; sweet Aonaga Jibai, only found in Beppu, Japan; a Gagon cucumber that’s similar in taste to honeydew; and the sweet-smelling, crunchy Muromsky cucumber.

The Curious Cucumber Collection boxes will only be available in the United States through Farmer Jones Farm’s website. Those interested can now pre-order these tasty collections online.

Whether served up at a party or planned as a holiday gift for the home mixologist in your life, these garnishes are sure to be one-of-a-kind.