A huge gin spill caused the closure of a U.K. highway for 11 hours, following a collision between two semi-trucks on Wednesday evening.

One of the trucks involved in the crash was carrying over 30,000 liters of gin, which spilled onto the tarmac causing a fire risk, the BBC reports. Emergency services worked overnight to prevent the flammable liquid from igniting, covering it with protective foam.

The incident occurred in Cheshire, a county in northwest England. Local police said the collision caused long delays but, thankfully, there were no injuries.

Rachel Sargeant, one of the drivers caught up the tailback, tweeted that she was sitting “200 yards away from 32,000 litres [sic] of spilt gin,” and joked that it was “heartbreaking” she didn’t have a straw.

Local police also found humor in the situation, tweeting: “Last night’s major #gincident was on the rocks for a while but after plenty shaking and even more stirring the M6 [highway] is back open! Tanqueray no one was seriously injured and everything’s now been schwepped away.”