It’s becoming increasingly obvious that there’s no harm in a little imbibing. While last week saw a 117-year-old French woman cite red wine as one of the secrets to her longevity, news is just in that a 105-year-old woman from New Jersey is crediting raisins marinated in gin as her secret weapon against Covid.

Lucia DeClerck recently shared her daily routine with The New York Times, explaining that for most of her life, she’s made sure to eat nine gin-soaked raisins every single day. The centenarian, who has lived through the Spanish flu, two world wars, and the deaths of three husbands and a son, has no shortage of tenacity — and as it appears, she has no shortage of gin, either.

According to Michael Neiman, the administrator of the nursing home where DeClerck lives, she contracted Covid just a day after her second round of the Pfizer vaccine. She showed minimal symptoms and made a full recovery within two weeks. DeClerck has since resumed her role as a social butterfly in Mystic Meadows Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility. It’s safe to assume she’s back to eating her raisins as well.

The more we think about it, the better a Negroni is starting to sound…for our health, of course.